A one year journey through real estate, Week 4.

A one year journey through real estate, Week 4.

Here I am snowed in for the second day.   It’s still very icy and snow covered on many roads, so it’s not worth taking a chance driving.  So, I’m sitting here catching up on all of my social networking sites, including this blog which is two days late.

It has been a somewhat busy week for me.  I have been doing everything in my power to have a closing take place.  It was originally scheduled for four days ago, then rescheduled for Friday.  That didn’t happen and now it’s rescheduled again for Tuesday morning.  Since we are still waiting on HUD, I have my doubts as to whether it will happen then.  I have been fairly frustrated with the underwriter on this loan and even more so with HUD.  As many of you know, HUD is never in a hurry.  I do feel bad for my buyers, but luckily this was not a critical date for moving in.

Other than that, I was on phone duty at the office three times this past week.  unfortunately, I did not get a single lead.  I will however, continue taking as much phone duty as possible.  It is how I found my above mentioned buyers, so it does sometimes pay off.

I also spent an afternoon on-site at a subdivision.  Yet again, no traffic.  The day before, the on site agent had three potential buyers come through.  Perhaps I need to wear a chicken suit and wave traffic in.  Hmmm.

Earlier in the week, I spent some time in a training class for liability training.  It was enough to make one want to run as far away from real estate as possible, especially if new to the business.  I however will just tread carefully.  Very, very carefully.  It was good training and I did learn a great deal.

That was essentially my week.  I spent a good part of Friday preparing for the snow.  One can never have enough milk and bread when snow is predicted.  For once the predictions were correct.  We had about seven inches of snow, our second big snow of the season.  I do live in North Carolina don’t I?


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