Stay Focused!

Stay focused!  It’s easy to say, but harder to do, especially this time of year. 

We are surrounded by social events, office parties, holiday planning, shopping, etc.  It’s so easy to lose focus on your goals now.  You may think, “Oh, no one’s thinking about buying or selling a home now.  It will get busy again after the first of the year”.  So, you spend a few more hours catching up on your Christmas shopping,  shooting the breeze in the break room,  joining friends for a holiday drink, or just going in to the office less.

Well, guess what.  Someone is buying a home this week.  Someone else is putting their home on the market.  Someone just found out they are being relocated to your town.  Interest rates are still historically low.  Now, more people than ever will be eligible for tax credits when they purchase a new home.  Inventory is high, so your buyers should be able to find their dream home.  Your Aunt Sally, who’s been thinking of downsizing, only has one other home for sale in her neighborhood.

So, what are you waiting for.  Let the other guy wait til next month to get cracking.  Stay focused!


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