It’s The Perfect Storm

It’s The Perfect Storm, but a good storm, no, a great storm.  Now is probably the best time to purchase a new home in many years.

Interest rates are at historic lows.  This week, thirty year conventional mortgages are hovering around 4.71%  That is phenomenal!  How many of you remember rates at 18%?

The government’s tax credit has been extended to almost all buyers.  First time buyers still get the 8% tax credit and buyers that have been in their current home for at least five years get a 6.5% tax credit.  It’s a gift from Uncle Sam, no potential home buyer should pass up!

Inventory of existing home and new construction is still high.  Whatever you are looking for, it’s out there!

Prices of homes are down.  There are some amazing bargains to be found. 

So get on out. Call a Realtor.  Get into that dream home now while the perfect storm for home buyers is here!


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