Should you build your own home? Let me count the reasons not to!

Should you build your own home? Let me count the reasons not to!

You own land and you’re ready to build your dream home.  You think, “I can do this myself.   How hard can it be?  I will surely save money and I can make sure it’s done my way”.  Well, there’s just one issue.  You’ve never built a home yourself. 

That’s where a professional builder comes in.  In particular, that’s where Piedmont Personal Builders come in.  We have been building “on your lot” custom built homes for almost nine years.  The owners of the company have a great deal of building experience.  Regis Skeehan has been building for thirty five years and Tom Bernard, for twenty four years.  What this means is, they have seen it, experienced it and done it, no matter what the issue is.  Believe me, there will be so many issues, your head will be spinning.  From siting the home properly, to what kind of insulation to use, a builders experience is invaluable.

Just dealing with the local governments for building permits, having the engineering and CAD work done correctly can be time consuming and confusing.  Lining up your sub-contractors is a big issue.  How experienced are they in their field.  Do they know the local building codes.  Will they show up when scheduled.  Will they clean up after themselves or even get you in trouble with inspectors, local governments, OSHA, or even the EPA?  Does one sub-contractor co-operate with the other?  Will they cause delays?  These are just some issues to deal with.

Another major issues is the building time line.  Will you be able to build on time for your projected move in date?  Will you make it on time for your lender’s rate lock?  Long delays are not unusual.  At Piedmont Personal Builders, we guarantee a six month build time and it’s very common for us to beat that deadline.   Would’nt it be very comforting to know exactly when you will be in your new home?

Finally, one of the biggest issues is cost.  Many who consider building their own home believe they will save a great deal of money.  Typically, this is not the case.  Many sub-contractors will charge an individual “retail” rates, where as they would charge us a “wholesale” rate.  Also. a builder is likely tp pay better rates for materials.  Delays for one reason or another can be very costly.  We at Piedmont Personal Builders guarantee a fixed rate price for your custom built home.  Once  a purchase agreement is signed, the cost of your home will not go up, guaranteed!  

So, let the pros do the job for you, you’ll be gald you did.


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