Proud to be an Energy Star Builder

Piedmont Personal Builders is a certified Energy Star Builder.  We like to think that we are making a contribution to a greener environment and having just a bit of a positive effect on global warming.  Energy Star certification benefits us, but especially benefits you, the home buyer.

Our custom built homes are more energy efficient, more comfortable to live in and can save you money.  In North Carolina, most of the power companies offer a 5% discount on your energy rates.  Energy Star certification guarantees at least a 15% savings on your energy bills, compared to the same home without the Energy Star features.

Energy Star certified homes include R15 insulation in the walls and R38 insulation in the ceilings.  All cavities in the walls, ceilings and floors, as well as spaces around electrical outlets, wall switches, HVAC ducts, etc. are completely sealed against air leakage.  Windows are low-e glass and Argon Gas filled.

Our custom homes are tested several times by an independent EPA certified HERS consultant.  The testing results in a rating number showing the percentage of energy savings.  We have had a home rated as high as 31%.  Of course this high a number can’t be guaranteed on all homes Piedmont Personal Builders builds, but we strive for the highest rating possible on every home we build.

So next time you are ready to build a new home, ask your builder if they are Energy Star Certified.


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